Club Car / Pathway wiring diagram


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So I now have the headlights installed, but not connected to any power. There are so many wires under this thing that even my electronics technician brain hurts trying to trace them all. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this thing? Anyone have one that they installed lights on and used the original wiring? Anyone have one that came with lights and can tell me what wires hook up to the lights? Thanks y'all!


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I recently purchased a 2003 pathway and had an ac motor w 600a controller installed.
Now I am dealing with original wiring, and modified wiring

It would be very helpful to have original wiring diag.
so far no luck tracking one down.
looking at a post over a year old with same search

any update on availability?


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Hey New to this Site, try go to manuals then to cub car. Then to 2003Pathway
Hope this helps