Club Car or Yamaha?


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My school in San Diego is looking to purchase a golf cart for our activities program. We typically haul chairs, tables, and stanchions (about 30 lbs each) across campus, which includes a few long hills. I usually have a few students who "hop on" and accompany me wherever we are going too.

I am looking for the best cart for the money and durability. I have two quotes. One is for a Yamaha YDRE Extended Hauler which has an 800 lb payload capacity (not sure if that's just the bed or the bed and cab combined) and the other is for a Carryall (by Club Car) which has a 1500 lb payload capacity (1000 in the bed and I'm assuming 250 in the cab). The Yamaha with all extras and tax is $7800 and the Carryall is $10600.

One of the questions I have, with the obvious being which is better, is the charging system. The Yamaha has a portable charger, while the CarryAll has an on-board charger. Which is better? Do they both charge at the same rate?

Any feedback to help me make the best educated decision is appreciated!


The Club Car Carryall is a tough cart. The chargers will be close to the same output and charge time. Those prices seem pretty high though...


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Well you could also think about buying an American product. Keep the folks in Augusta, GA working.
Also Club Car makes some great products and they cannot be worn out.