Club Car No Spark Troubleshooting

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Club Car Golf Cart with No Spark

Thanks to Wass for writing this Troubleshooting Guide for a Club Car with no spark.

Here is a step by step guide to trouble shooting 92-96 Club Car with no spark. For 97-up, skip step 3.

Step 1. Un plug the black/white wire from the limiter, down by the base of the dip stick, in this area. If it still does not spark, go to step 2. If it starts, there is a bad micro in the black box or on the back of the F&R lever, key switch or short in the wire going back to the black box.

Step 2. Remove the ground wire of the limiter and tape it up. The wire is usually brown in color and is directly under the limiter mounting bolt on the left side of the limiter. This by-passes the rpm limiter. If it starts, replace limiter. If no spark, go to step 3. (IF 97-UP, GO TO STEP 4)

Step 3A. Replace ignitor with a known good one. If it starts, replace ignitor or replace coil with new style 97-up with built in ignitor. You will just need to unplug the old ignitor to remove it from the system if you go with the new style coil. If no spark, go to step 4.

Step3B. If you have no access to a known good ignitor, I recommend buying the newer style coil with built in ignitor at this point only because if you are going to invest that kind of money on a part you don't know for sure is bad, it may be a waste of money. Sure, its a little more work but you are pretty much guaranteed it will work.

Step 4. Replace coil. I would replace coil with newer style 97-up only because in the future, trouble shooting will be simpler. That is why they went to this style coil. Coil requires a .011-.012 gap between coil and magnet when tightening the screws down that hold it.

Step 1 explained more.
If it started, you need to check the micro in the black box. There is one micro that has the black/white wire coming off it. If the micro is bad, it could send a ground to the coil. Also, there is micros on the F&R switch. It must be in gear to remove the ground from the coil. Then, there is the key switch. When the key is in the off position, it sends a ground to the coil. With key on, it removes ground. Also, the black/white wire can get shorted out on 92-96 back where the tranny is close to the engine block. I have seen these get the wire pinched between them and short it out.

So, in short, when trying to start your cart
Key on, no ground
In either F or R,Micro should have no ground
Black box micro with gas depressed, No ground
You can check all these with a volt meter set to OHMS. One wire to ground and the other on the side of micro that goes to coil.
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