Club Car Motor Spring Centering Device


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I recently bought a 1999 48 V Club Car (for $1300.00 with new batteries). It had a clicking coming from rear end, so, I looked through this forum and found out it probably needed the "spring centering device". Called a dealer, got the kit, and the tech told me over the phone how to install it, and that I probably don't need to install the bearing on the brush side of motor, just the washers, rubber grommets and spring.

I can't seem to get the motor reinstalled, because the kit is holding it WAY too far apart. Tried different combinations of installation of kit, still no luck. Anybody have the instructions you can email me? Or tips? Thanks, my email is [email protected].

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I can answer you over here also.

push it together enough to get the bolts started, they will reach.

Then tighten the bolts up even.