Club Car Lights and Turn Signals


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I have a 48 volt Club Car with a voltage reducer. I have a headlight and led taillights. I added a turn signal kit. The flashers work, except when the lights are on. The front turn signal lights will come on when activated, but will not blink. The rear turn signals will not work at all. My original light kit has an extra black and red wire on each of the front headlights. I ran that black wire to the bolt on the back of the amber lights. I connected the appropiate turn sighal wire to the black wire coming from the amber light. I still have not used the extra red wire on the front headlights. When I tried to incorporate these red wires, i ended up with flashing headlights and turnsignals no matter which way i turned the switch. Unfortunately there was very little instructions for the turn signal kit and I cannot find my light kit information. I assume that i've screwed up the wiring sequence. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, all other 12 volt applications are working fine, as are the headlights and tail lights. I do have a heavy duty flasher as part of the kit. The only wire that i didn't use from the wiring harness is the 8th wire for a brake, since i do not have a brake switch.



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First of all you must use a ( electronic flasher unit ) because of the LED lights. Im using one of the new audiabile sound units from DAECO MODEL 550 which cost me $24.95 with shipping, but as a old deaf person its well worth the money.
From what I can make out from your messege it sounds as if you have the wiring wrong.
All wiring must leave from your voltage reducer and come back to the reducer ground without connecting in any way with the cart frame.
Are your lights factory type that are mounted into the body of your cart? If they are you should only have a main headlight and a smaller amber colored lens beside the headlight on each side. I dont know where you are getting all the different wire colors from front lights? There should only be a hot lead ( black ) and a ground lead ( white ) going to ( each bulb )? The only other thing would be a high and low beam like an auto has, but I have not seen them on golf carts before. My factory club car lights had a black wire and a white wire from each bulb in front lights, you can connect the white wires together and that becomes ground back to the voltage reducer ground. The tail lights should have 3 wires, a black ( power to tail light side ), red ( turn part of bulb ), and white ( Ground ).
I think you need to unhook all wiring and do some testing to get correct wiring to needed lights. Do you have a length of 2 wires long enough to reach from your reducer and one of the cheap 12 volt test lights with 2 leads? I would start with your headlights and using either type of testers find the ground and power leads by color of wire. Its a matter of hooking up the tester in series with your light and when it lights up you have a completed circuit for that light. This should be done on each light until you have the wiring sorted out and the begin hooking it all back up. I use some tape around the wire that is power lead.
I hope that this will be of some help to you?


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UPDATE......After working on the issue, I now have the following happening. (1) All the lights are working fine both head and tail. (2) The hazard lights work fine. (3) When i activate the turn signals, the front amber lights will come on, but no flashing and no rear lights. Does anyone know if I am missing something. Since the turn signals work in hazard mode, it appears there is not a grounding issue. It's almost like there is not enough power getting to the flasher when only one side is operating versus all four lights being activated. Is this possible? I do have the heavy duty flasher supplied by the kit that is supposed to be used for LED tail lights. Again, any info would be appreciated.