Club Car Lift Kit Project


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Well I thought I might start a thread and show you guys one of the Club Car golf carts I'm working on. It's coming back from the paint booth tomorrow, I think, and I will post new pics! Here's what it has so far:
1: 6 new batteries
2: 6" Jake's spindle lift kit
3: 12" wheels
4: 22" Sahara Classic all-terrain tires
5: High amp solenoid
6: 4 gauge cables
7: Alltrax 300 amp controller
8: NEW GE 4.5 hp motor
9: New OBC

Just sent it to paint Friday, and should get it back tomorrow. I'll post more pics then. It will be be black with two white "camaro style" racing stripes the entire length of the cart and roof. It should be perfect then. I'll have higher quality pics, too. I'll be trying to sell it for $4,750. Thanks!


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True, Dirty South. Hot Rod- I'm thinking I'll go with black and two white "camaro style" racing stripes running the length of the cart and roof. What do you think? The custom seats will be one solid back with black vinyl on the outside and two white inserts of crocodile skin style vinyl. It should be pretty darn sweet!


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I think I would have some '67 SS style inserts sewn into the seats. Lookin' forward to seeing out of the paint shop. I hope you get a chance to play with it before it goes down the road.


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Ok guys, after a lot of sagas and waiting, waitingm waiting, the cart is almost done. The upholstery for the seat bottom isnt right, as of when this photo was taken. However, I got the right one on it yesterday. Let me know what ya think! :hattip: