Club Car Lift Kit Options and Differences


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I was hoping to get some thoughts on various lift kit options and the differences. I have a 97 Club Car Carryall II gas (no front brakes) that I use exclusively around my property hauling dirt, mulch, kids etc. I do not intend to do any trail riding or serious off roading. What would be an ideal lift type and size for my type of use? What do you lose or gain with the different types (spindle, A-arm, long travel)? Would I need to change rim sizes? Do larger tires/rims have any impact on torque or speed? Would I need to install new shocks depending on height and if so what is ideal? Thanks for any assistance.


I like the Allsports lift kits and have had very good luck with them. For what you say your doing with the cart you really don't need a long travel setup. Bigger tires will take away a little torque and give you a higher top speed. As far as the shocks go most lift kits will use the stock shocks...
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