Club Car Leaking Oil from Rear End


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I have a [90's?] Club Car DS electric golf cart that until recently has ran great. I noticed it was dripping oil when it was parked and sometimes left a trail the last time I used it. I jacked the rear end up to look and it looks like it's leaking from a small hole on the passenger side. Am I missing a bolt or did I crack it somehow? I am mechanically inclined but very unfamiliar with electric golf carts, I would appreciate any advice


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Welcome:hattip: no threads in the hole? not a electric guy here but i bumped the thread for ya. somebody here will know once they see the picture


I'm pretty sure that's the fill hole for the oil and it should be threaded. There should be a short bolt in it with a gasket/washer. Welcome to the forum. :hattip: