Club Car IQ Runs then stops then runs then stops

James B

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I have a 2001 Club Car IQ 48V. It has been lifted 6 inches, big wheels and tires etc. I use it in a gated community no major off roading. I have a problem that keeps happening and it is getting frustrating. All the batteries are new and fully charged, all cables are good and tight all other connections and terminals I can find are good and tight. There problem it I can take off and be driving and it it will be going just fine and it will start beeping and stop. I can let off the gas pedal and hit it again and it will take off. It might go 100 yards and do it again or it might go a few miles. It is intermitten as to when it will happen or how far it will go before it happens again. Any suggestions? :wallbash:


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I just bought a used 06 precedent from a local golf cart store that this is happening to. They are not a CC dealer but specialize in small engine repair. I took it back to them today since they gave me a 90 day warranty on the cart. Before I left my house it would do it within 5 seconds of hitting the pedal but when I got with the mechanic we could not reproduce the problem. He said they would look into it.

I'm not very optimistic since we could not reproduce the problem in front of them so if anyone has a suggestion I'll pass it on to mechanics or try it myself. I know the store will make it right in the end but I like to figure things out myself sometimes to make sure problem doesn't show up a week or 90 days down the road.


Dont know if this will fix your problem but you might want to check into this with a Club Car dealer. "Solenoid Drop Out Harness" Club Car part # 102355201. They are not expensive so it would be worth a try.


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The shop told me that the speed sensor was bad and they replaced it. I've had it back for a few days now and everything seems to be good.


Glad to hear you got it fixed and thanks for the follow up.