Club Car Hub Stud Installation and Bearing


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what is the best way to seat the studs in a CC front hub? Can any type of lube be put on the stud grooves? thought about putting a deep well socket under the hub and just knocking it down, but it marks the hub and one bad lick it might bend or worse crack. should they be flush on the back? Also need advise on packing bearings. swapping out the jakes 6" lift for 7.5" allsport that should be in soon. decided to go ahead and replace the complete hub assembly.


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I don't know if this is the best way, but we use a lug nut upside down and draw the stud in with an impact. The bearings can be hand packed or you can buy a bearing packer pretty cheap.


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Thanks for quick reply. I have a impact on my work truck. Hadn't thought about a packing tool. it would be worth the bucks as i use the cart primarily for hunting. up in the MS Delta there's alot of water the past 2 years, i pulled the old hubs off twice during deer season just to check them. Would be great if they were like trailer buddy bearings so you could just pump in some grease now and then.


The hubs aren't that bad to do though and if you have the time to look for a set of hubs that the grease fitting would fit I don't see why it wouldn't work. I have seen 4 lug hubs at Northern tool company with the fittings on them already.