Club Car Headlights Aim to High


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I bought my Club Car cart already mod'd and it had these small bezel headlights in it. The headlights aim to high due to the way the shop mounted them. So I bought some replacement lights that took up more of the grill and looked better. The kit didn't have instructions for the wiring on the new lights. So instead of wasting time and figuring out the wires, we just swap the headlight housings to the new bezels.

The difference in the headlights is the old ones are a Scooter type bulb 12v 35/35w and the new ones are single halogens. The scooter bulb is a socket and has a high/low beam element. While the halogen is a single filament light with 1 wire.

The old headlight doesn't quite fill the new bezel and I found out the scooter bulb is not available just anywhere (found 1 bulb was starting to go out and needed a replacement). Went to 3 places before going to a golf cart store and they actually gave me a 12v 45/45w. Didn't notice the difference till I got home. While the halogen bulb is available just about anywhere. Should I re-wire it with the new halogens or would it be better to keep the scooter bulb and actually hook up the high/low part (right now the wires are only connected to the low beam side). I know to hook up the high/low I'll have to wire in a switch, but that wouldn't be a problem.

Old Bezels:
New Bezels with old headlight housing:


I would go with the H/L beam effect if it was me and you plan to ride it on the road at night. I added two more lights since I couldn't adjust the factory lights in the cowl and they reflected back in your face off the brush guard. I finally came up with the light shades and I put the factory lights on a 12 volt 71 Chevy truck floor dimmer switch. I just hit the floor switch and have both set's on.