club car HD rear leafs


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Sold at all cart places.

Review-Not for people who value a smooth ride. these springs are exactly what there called heavy duty. they are good for people who tow a lot or have a need for very little rear articulation. if you want a vary strong rear suspention then these springs are for you.if however you need a smooth ride or suspention articulation then i would look for somthing a little less heavy duty.

Price $30-$36

I give them a 10 for strength and a 1 for ride/articulation

club car man

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These are also great if you have a dumpbed on your cart. With the stock leafs your tires will rub with the slightest amount of weight. But the HD springs will help alot. But like Bcbba said, it will make your ride horrible.
You know, how the "engine pan" kind of flops up and down at the front where the rubber cushion is wehn you start towing something heavy or take of hard. I have a 2x2x2 block of wood in there to hold it still, but I thought maybe the springs made it a little harder to flop.


Yes they fix the engine pan flop. Axle can't twist so easily with 4 leafs on there


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NO I still had the engine flop so I put in a piece of metal tubing to take up the space. This stopped it . But spring are a rougher ride