Club Car Hard to Start


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I have a 96 Club Car gas golf cart that I am about to give up trying to fix so I thought I would ask the experts. When the cart is cold and I push the pedal to start it it turns over fast but will not start. I then push the pedal in very slow and it will start and after I run it for awhile it starts very easy. I have replaced the micro switches in the box and that did not help. Any advice would be appreciated. I have also cleaned the carb. Bob


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golf carts are cold blooded to start with and as they get a lot of hrs on them the problem gets worse. i'm not a CC guy but valve adjustment and compression play a big part in starting them when there cold


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are you giving it a few seconds of choke when you 1st start? if not try choking it that might help or its just possible you have one with what i like to call a sweet spot where the cart dosn,t want to start unless pedal is pressed to that exact spot.........................


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Try loosening the throttle cable in the electrical box. This will allow the motor to turn over before the carburetor opens and that will make your "sweet spot" larger.