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You can't set your governor that fast. It maxes out at around 3300-3400rpms. Even it you disconnect it, the rev limiter kicks in @ 3900rpms. You would have to disconnect both to achieve that. In fact you could easily go way over 4500. Safe rpm is 4200rpm.

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wass, define safe RPM's. The reason I say that is, when I was at Club Car school the discussion of governed speed came up in class. The limiting factor in the Kawasaki engine seems to be the nylon cam gear. After about 6200 - 6500 RPMs they tend to shred and shatter. My understanding is that 4-5000 RPMs won't just blow up. Now personally I would not turn one up that high. Too much wear and tear on the engine transaxle etc. EDIT: Also I feel there are better ways to go a little faster than just disabling the governor.


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Safe rpm you could run all day at and not worry about getting the engine too hot and cause damage. You won't start floating the valve. I have had mine way past 5500 once going down a hill and it started floating the valves and sounded like it was about to come apart and you could smell the heat coming from under the seat.

Now for like drag racing short distances, I will run it up to 5000 in short burst but even then you can smell it getting hot.
Club Car school? They may teach you the basics but experience is the best education. I have been running no governor or limiter for the last 2 years and I have learned my limitations of what I can and can't do. I put well over 1200 miles and 320 hours on my cart last year alone. I have a tach and speedometer. Even at 4400rpms for over a mile, you can tell its getting hot. 4200rpms, I have gone for miles and miles and never smelt anything. Also, the GURU's at another cart site have told me the same safe RPM. Plus, it is safe to tell people that rpm. If you tell them they can do 5000rpms and have no problems, you are asking for lieabilty issues. First thing out of my mouth is... If you are going to disable any governor or limiter, buy a tach first. Be safe first.

I have also found a way to get up to 4mph faster with some drive clutch modifications. Doing testing on my design now. Using my worn faced clutch, the belt would only go up 2/3 of the way. Now it comes out of the clutch about 1/16" Gained 5mph with 23" and slowed the rpms down to a safer level.
Before: 24.6mph at around 5300rpms
After: 29.8mph @ 4700rpms.

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remeber wass... i have a 18 hp vangaurd with 4500 rpms and i dont have the thing on the tranny hooked up at all...IM CC-OR.... i just wnated to make sure there are no ristricions so my tranny can go up to as many rpm's as needed...

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Wass, I was not trying to be smart or offensive. If you took it that way I appologize.

I personally have been doing small engine for over 12 years before transitioning into Golf carts. For about a year or so I helped a neighbor with a racing go cart. I do not consider myself an expert but I do have some expeirience. When I asked the Q at CC school there were only two students and we both came from the same shop. What I'm getting to with that is we were able to get a little deeper into some subjects compared to a normal class.

I do not disagree with what you posted in response to the original question. In fact for the average person I would not suggest running over stock RPM settings. But a mechanically inclined guy might want to install some stiffer valve springs and turn it up a good bit over that. My post was reffering to what RPM level would cause a catasrtophic failure and why.

Again sorry if you took offense to my reply.



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