Club Car Golf Cart With No Reverse

I have a 1983 1/2 Club Car 36 volt golf cart I'm putting back together, I have no reverse (new F&R & micros switches) got cart in pieces. The wiring diagram shows that another cable goes to battery 4 for half speed reverse? The above switch diagram doesn't, is this why i don't have reverse? If so do I have to eliminate jumper? and which post does it connect too?


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The solenoid wire is in the wrong place and i beleive theres a cable that should be mounted to the driver side of where your copper jumper is along with the solenoid wire. I just wired one a few months ago and I,m trying to picture it in my mind but i remember for sure there was a cable and the solenoid wire mounted together on that side. I'm not sure which cable it was.
I ended up starting over didn't use the big switch diagram. I removed the jumper and added a cable to battery 4 and now have reverse with new wiring. The golf cart does about 13-14 mph per GPS.
Thanks for your help.