Club Car Golf Cart Towed With Run Tow Switch in Run Position


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I'm going to give the whole story for better accuracy about our Club Car golf cart being towed with the run tow switch in the run position.
The golf cart was working perfectly until a couple of months ago when I noticed the range started to dwindle. I noticed one of the cables was damaged so I replaced it. There is a stereo in the car that I recently disconnected because I thought the memory may be draining one of the batteries. A full battery charge would give me about 55 volts across the pack. I removed all of the batteries to have them tested, but the voltage was too low to check. I put a trickle charger on the lowest battery but it never fully charged.
I reinstalled all of the batteries (4 12-volts) and put the whole thing back on the club car charger. It would fully charge but lose power quickly when in use.
My daughter took the cart to the local golf course to go fishing in one of the ponds when the cart totally died on her. My wife arranged for the cart to be towed back home, but didn't flip the tow/run switch to "tow". As the car was being towed home, the rear wheels just locked up. Would not budge. When the rear wheels were lifted off the ground, they turned freely. When the car was lowered back to the ground, they wouldn't budge again.
Now the cart will not charge. I have my suspicions, but would appreciate any and all expertise with this problem.
Thanks in advance.


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If the cart was towed with the switch in the run position and now won't roll the motor is shot. It could have possibly took the controller out to. It also sounds like you have battery problems.