Club Car Golf Cart Suddenly Won't Move.


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Hello everyone, I've had this Club Car golf cart for around 8 years. I've never really had any problems with it before. I'm on my second set of batteries and cables but suddenly it won't move. I drove it out of my garage to get my lawn tractor out the other day and drove it back in after mowing the grass. A week later going through the same procedure I couldn't get it to move, so I manually pushed it out and realized later when I went to investigate the problem that I had a couple of corroded cables and I replaced them. I charged the batteries (48 volt system) and I have 51 volts to the motor and controller and have 9.1 across each battery. I hear the selonoid clicking and the reverse buzzer sounds when in reverse. I used this website and went through the procedure to reset the OBC and still nothing.

Any thoughts on what else it could be?


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Double check ALL your cables and ALL your connections. 9 out of 10 times that's the problem when a cart has the symptoms yours has. If all the cables and connections check out let us know and we'll go from there...