Club Car Golf Cart Questions


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I just bought a 1984 36 volt Club Car and this is my first golf cart and I have some questions.

Im an experinced suspension fabricator, and machinist, I know my way around a garage, but I've never once dabbled in the deatils of an electric golf cart.

Im picking up a 1984 36 volt club car tomorrow, can anyone give me some details on what i can do right off the bat to get some extra speed out of it?

Im just looking for this to be a car show crusier, because during the summers im in a differnet state each week, at a different show, and walking those shows is a pain, this way i will beabel to cruise to each vender, instyle hopefully.


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The 84 Club Car will be a resistor cart so could up the voltage to 48 volts to gain some speed and torque. You would need a means of charging the higher voltage. I'm sure some of the Club Car guys can give you some more ideas on speeding up the resistor cart.


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You are limited depending on what kind of money you want to drop into it. Putting on bigger tires and wheels will get you a few mph. Upgrading all cables will help but you have to do all the 6 gage cables not just the battery cables go to 4 gage or 2 gage. You could up it to 48 volts but thats gonna cost some money. A high speed motor if they make one for that cart will help. It all comes down to how much you want to spend.


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The 84 Club Car will be a total resistor cart, this meaning that it is even before the resistor coil days. There isn't anything wrong with this type year, but to get to "where" you want, then a complete upgrade is what it will take.

I started out with a 1991 resistor cart and over the years, through several upgrades, my car will, "would" run 35 mph.

She's is torn down again for the neaxt upgrade.

The "NEED" will never end!

Good Luck and always feel free to ask questions as that is how much of us have learned.

Heck, Im just an ole cart building guy that doesn't really speak much about this kind of stuff, I know but if you don't, then I sure don't want to see ya get hurt.


You could put 2 more 6 volt batt. in the bagwell to make it 48 volts, it will have more speed and torque.Then the PIA is charging them without a 48 volt charger. I did that to my 90 before i bought 6 8 volt batt. and a 48 volt charger. All depends what you want to invest in an old cart. I don,t think i would do it again, lot of money and you still have an old cart.


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I converted a 1986 resistor cart to a top performer and I think it did rather well at the 06 Bonanza competitions. Lots of mods, what do you want the end result to be?