Club Car Golf Cart Dimensions Length and Width


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I have an electric Club Car golf cart at my farm in Mississippi and I need to know the dimensions, approximate length and width to ensure that I get a trailer of adequate size to transport it. I am currently at my home in Alabama, or I would measure it myself. Can someone help me with this info? Thanks


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A 5'x10' trailer is what most use to haul golf carts. You can't close the gate on an 8' trailer. If it has a windshield, tow it aiming forward or remove the windshield.


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I agree with Doug, 5x10 or 6x10. But to actually answer your question as per Club Car's website.

Precedent & DS models are both:
Overall Length 91.5 inches
Overall Width 47.25 inches
Overall Height 68.5 inches DS .50 taller
Wheelbase 65.5 inches


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I was told by my local cart guy to take it easy on the speed if you leave the windshield on. He says 50mph or less or you could damage the windshield. :twocents:


Always best to remove the windshield for the trip. Then you know its safe and you won't have to shell out a hundred for a new one. :hattip: