Club Car Golf Cart Battery Charging Problem


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I'm have a battery charging problem with my 2007 batteries in my Club Car electric golf cart and don't seem to get a full charge. My Power Drive battery charger goes on charges for 2-3 hours and stops. I have done one complete recharge per Trojan batteries by short circuiting the charger now I can run for 10 miles and when I go to recharge it runs for 2-3 hours. If I disconnect the cables and reset the obc it will start up at 5-10 amps and completly charge.
Help! Please


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This is a tough one. I'd start with making sure the batteries don't need water. Check all your cable connections. It sounds like you may have a problem with the OBC. You can try resetting the OBC and see if that fixes it. Here's a link to how to reset the OBC on a Club Car electric golf cart.