Club Car Gas Golf Cart Wiring Diagram?


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Does anyone have a wiring diagram for an 87 Club Car gas golf cart? The cart will not turn over by stepping on gas pedal but starts up by jumping solenoid or micro switches in black box that works gas pedal.Any info will help.Thanks


Take a look in the Club Car resource section of the forum for a wiring diagram.

Also if anyone has any diagrams or anything else that may be useful to others feel free to post whatever you have.


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I have wiring diagrams and parts lists for any year and make of club car. It sounds like you may have a bad microswitch in the elec. box, the one that activates the solenoid or you are not getting power to it possibly a cut or corroded wire somewhere in the circuit before the switch.
1987-1991 DS gas carts are all the same


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If the cart starts by jumping the solenoid replace it. Not uncommon at all, theres a better chance the solenoid went bad than the micro switch. Buy a micro switch also just a few bucks but i would start at the solenoid.


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I too am looking for a wiring diagram. I just purchased a 1990 gas club car. It is missing a few parts, (IE ignition coil/igniter), and I admit I do not know anything about these carts yet.


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If the cart will start by jumping the micro switch from the gas pedal, you have found your problem and it is not the solenoid. Start by spraying the inside of that switch good with WD-40 or contact cleaner.

Although I find it interesting that you say it will start by jumping the micro switch, which means the switch is bad, and you also say it will start up by jumping the solenoid. If it starts by jumping the solenoid, you are getting contact at the switch. But if it just turns over, when jumping the solenoid, that makes sense.

I prefer to use a light that you can buy at an auto parts store. It has a probe and a wire with an alligator clip. Put the clip on the neg. at the battery. Now you can check the wires at the switch. One side should be hot all the time, the other side hot when you depress the gas. If that checks out, depress the gas and you should have a hot wire at the solenoid. If you have a hot wire there, put a wire from the neg, to the other side of the solenoid, while depressing the pedal. If you get a start, you have a bad ground. If it is not the ground, it is the solenoid. But I still think that from what you say, it is the switch.
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I am glad you didnt look at the date of the post because your reply may come in handy for my problem. I replaced the starter on my cart and it ran for a few trips then just quit again. The starter is not even turning and I wonder what to check. I have tried to put a multimeter on all the wires and I am getting 12 volts everywhere except on the yellow wire from the regulator. At the yellow wire terminal on the starter it only reads 2.17 is this correct or is the regulator bad. I also switched the white and green wire around to get the starter running clockwise as per the suppliers instructions is this ok?