Club Car Gas Golf Cart Opinions

I have a 1998 Club Car gas golf cart and I'm looking for opinions. Is this a good golf cart for, or have people had many problems with this year?

Mine is having just a little trouble with the fuel pick-up I think. Just trying to get some good honest advice on the year and is this a Fe 290 or a Fe 350? Any support would help.


As far as I know there's no problems with the 1998 Club Car model year. If it's a Club Car DS it has the FE290 engine. What makes you think your having a fuel pick-up problem?
It seems like my cart after it is warm, you have to choke it to get it to start going right away. When warm like after just getting off of it after 15 minutes of sitting I have to choke it or it loads up with fuel.

No problems after that as far as running or stalling. It pulls hills with no problems, having a occasional back-fire do not know what could be causing that? Could it be the pick-up tube in the gas tank? Just trying to get some good advice, if this is normal or a problem.


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Sounds like you need to adjust butterfly in carburetor. Also that is as good a year as any Club Car. I know several people with one and they are reliable golf carts.