Club Car Gas Golf Cart Backfires


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On my 1996 Club Car gas golf cart when I run it some distance and stop and then give it gas it backfires. Would this be a carburetor issue with it giving to much gas to the cart and then it firing off the access gas when it starts? If it is how would I adjust it?


Yes that is a carb issue. My 95 EZGO w/ Workhorse engine would do the same thing. To fix this I adjusted the throttle cable so it wasnt so jumpy. Does your cart jerk when you start up from a stop and do you have trouble driving it at near an idle? If so then this is all related to your throttle cable needing adjustment.


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It could be a couple of problems. Carb not closing all the way. There is a screw that holds the Butterfly open just a bit for idle. You can unscrew it some so it closes the carb all the way. I would try that first. If your coasting with your foot on the gas some, it will do that. Mine does it sometimes too. Enough to let gas flow but not activate the micro and bang! Back fire.