Club Car Front End Alignment Problem


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I have a 96 Club Car DS with new tires, 4 months old with a front end alignment problem I think. The golf cart shimmies a little side to side and the right front tire is beginning to show signs of wear on the outside edge. The other 3 tires look OK. This is the third set of tires and wheels. I'm guessing there is an alignment issue. How do you go about aligning the wheels?

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Well, on a lawn mower, I have measured the distance between the inside at the front of the front tires and again at the rear of the front tires. Then I set them so the font measures a little narrower than the rear. A little toe in is supposed to help fight play in the steering system and help keep the front wheels from wandering so much.


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Set your tow-in at 1/8th of an inch. The front of the tires will be 1/8th inch closer to each other than the back side of the front tires.

This is also E-Z-GO's specifications for toe setting too. Larger tires make no difference. To much tow-in will cause the tires to wear too quickly.