Club Car Flooding Filling Crankcase With Gas


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Thank God I found you guys.
We have owned this cart for 12 years. Use it around the farm, and for racing. It has been a great cart and I believe that it has many more years in it. I keep it maintain. The front axle had some problems and it sat for 6 months, we went and Fixed the problem,and I cleaned the gas tank and serviced it just before this started, it ran good and away we went. ...but now here we go.
this is a 97 Club Car with a Kawasaki 8hp. It was (and is) flooding to the point of filling the crankcase with gas. At first I thought it was the hollow plastic float causing this problem, replaced it still flooding, replaced fuel line, filters & carb with new..still there. Bought another new carb and still there. and I have taken apart these carbs and checked the valve seats all good, although I'm not crazy about the spring loaded needle valve they use. It's to the point that I'm wondering about the pressure / suction on the fuel pump from the crank case. I did clean the vent on the fuel pump, the air line to the pump. and everything appears fine. It runs great if I pinch the fuel supply line to restrict the amount of pressure it gets, but when released it floods, and the gas is running out for the center jet. it only smokes when the gas is in the crankcase and it is overfilled.
Is there any type of restriction on the fuel pump system that limits the pressure on the float, or is there something I'm totally missing here?
thanks for your help


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You can buy a fuel pump rebuild kit but for a few bucks more you can get a new fuel pump. If you can or know someone with a Club Car golf cart try swapping yours out and see if it solves the problem. The rebuild kit consists of new gaskets and 2 diaphragms and it sure sounds like that might be your problem.