Club Car FE290 Won't Start


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I have a Kawasaki FE290 gas Club Car 1997-98 with a new engine just recently installed. It was running great until now. The spark plug spark is very faint but I do see one. Could this be the problem? I purchased a new spark plug also but still same low spark.


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Yes a real weak spark could be the problem. Check your grounds and check wires going to the rev limiter to make sure connections are clean and good.


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ok will do sir, thanks for the response ill do that 1st since a rpm limiter is like 200.00 bucks hahaha yikes


You can unhook the rev limiter ground wire and it will be bypassed for testing. If the cart runs with the ground disconnected the limiter is bad.


Anytime I have a spark issue with these I unplug (bypass) the rev limiter. This is not hard to do.

I just replaced one for weak spark (rev limiter) a few weeks ago.

I would find out what kind of voltage you should be seeing at the pulse coil under the flywheel.

My books are at work and I don`t have any specs off the top of my head for these.

I would also unplug the kill wire going to the cut off micro switch from the engine. This would eliminate or point to the cart wire harness / switch.