Club Car EZGO or Yamaha Golf Cart?


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Hi everyone, just moved into a neighborhood golf community and have the ability to have own golf cart and family ride around wagon, plus me and the gof pro got into it so,Now its on!!!!! so there are what i have shortened my options to down to a 6 seater converted to 4 with golf bags, My only limitation is tires, easy thanks to the low riders of today (wink). I see golf carts everywhere , ive been to every cart place that will sell you a tomberline , star , ezgo , or club car , yamaha and a few names of cars that i have never heard of plus drove them all. I like club car and ezgo both seem to drive similarly and am learning to go with clubcar. though ezgo seems to dominate the cart biz.Good thinking or bad thinking?I want a great drive and comfortable ride,(suspension)I Must go with electric due to quiet and flexibility. Im shopping around ebay looking for some aka limo carts fixed up or not and thanks to a quote for a new 48 volt limo cart i have some ideas of expense by the way geez those are pricey. After reading I can see it would be no problem fixing one up in spare time or getting one hot out of the box, cost is cost. and time is money. Ok iv l concluded from reading every forum on this site that, IQ or regen is bad for hop up style due to more cost and less options. Fleet seems to be fully upgradable, but please can someone define fleet. Is it that A or AA in the serial number does fleet use 48? or only 36V. Im just looking to make a limo a golf playing people moving party if need be, perhaps see 30 plus mph, what do it do? so many oberservations, so many questions, I will totally appreciate any comments and recommendations. and im sure more questions will be short to follow , by the way your comments to Grizz on his post were very helpful. I hope i didnt make anyne mad this is my first official posting of my life.


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Well i would go with the club car personally for comfort and if you go with a 48v standard cart,non IQ that is, you can get close to 30mph out of it. I actually have a 48v motor that could get you close to this that I could sell ya....? It was in a 4 passenger club car for about a week and we got 28mph out of it on gps ! Are you wanting to leave the suspension stock or are you wanting a lifted cart? If you have a lifted cart that speed would be a little higher probably 30 or 31 mph.