Club Car Electrical Issue


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I have an 05 club car, 48V regen cart (I think since it has the run/tow switch). Sometimes the cart will start when the pedal is pressed, sometimes not. When it doesn't start I hear no solenoid switching, however, I can just hold the pedal down and it will usually click and go (sometime a little jerky when starting like this). Would this more likely be a solenoid issue or controller issue. I would think I should hear the click from the solenoid supplying power to the controller, then the click from the solenoid supplying armature voltage to the motor, but when it doesn't start I hear nothing. The switch control for the solenoids seems to be coming from the controller to the electrical drawing on the website. Any thoughts on diagnosing the issue?


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The solenoid sends power to the controller and if there is no solenoid click look at that plus the throttle.


dougmcp, what do you think about the solenoid drop out harness for this problem? Do you have any experience with this? I dont, but it seems like this keeps coming up alot and I am thinking about keeping some in stock from what I have read.