club car electric problem


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Have an 89 36v, with new batteries.(sort of - 10 months)
Haven't used the cart in about 5 months.
Plugged in the charger and the indicator light on the dash jumps up and down.
Also, the gauge on the charger does the same.
The key is off.
It also started to smoke underneath and the white wire to the forward/reverse switch was hot.
I also noticed that when I moved the f/r switch, it sparked where the contacts met the sliding strip in the switch.


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I had similar problem on a "01" 48v and had replace the forward/reverse unit. Mine actually started melting the body and the unit housing. Some units can be rebuilt but I always buy new then I don't have to worry if I rebuilt it correctly. The wires are getting hot and sparks being seen is from the contacts are not making solid contact. If you can disconnect batteries you can try and clean up the contacts, then rough the face up with emory cloth this sometimes works but is temporary fix.