Club Car Electric Motor Wont Come Off - Stuck On Rear End


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What year and voltage? Your sure you have all the bolts out including the bracket underneath? If so you may have to spray around opening and tap tap tap with a mallet or a hammer just be careful. If you get movement than get a screwdriver and work it out. Some motors can be tough but it will come off.


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As I'm in the middle of a motor issue, I assure you it does come out relatively easy if you get all the bolts. 3 at the top and one toward the bottom was what I had on my 1998 48 v Club Car motor. Mine is a series unit so I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but hope this helps. One last thing... go easy on that aluminum casing as it's not too thick. I used a small rubber mallet to tap it lose and then with elbow grease it was no problem to slide it out and off - but the darn thing is also HEAVY.. be ready to grunt a little. LOL. best of luck