Club Car Electric Golf Cart With 5 Solenoids


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I have a Club Car electric golf cart with 5 solenoids in a row attached to coiled up springs. I know the first solenoid is the main solenoid. The second solenoid went bad and would not click nor would it engage. I ordered a new one and installed it and it worked fine for about 15 minutes then it stopped working as if it was not getting any power. I have checked all my wires for connections and everything is fine in that area
so this is what i did.
I took a jumper wire and jumped the 2 large post on that solenoid and it started working again. Do I have a bad new solenoid or is there some other problem I am overlooking? What happens when you jump the 2 large connections on a solenoid?


It sounds like the new solenoid is bad. The jumper bypasses the solenoid so it will have power passing through it all the time. You need to replace the bad solenoid with a solenoid made for a golf cart.


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not uncommon to get a new bad solenoid. try swapping it with the last one and see if you have 1st speed back if so replace it. as mentioned make sure it's a golf cart solenoid.