Club Car Electric Golf Cart Upgrade Controller Heavy Duty 48 Volt 400 amp Contactor Solenoid

Hi I have upgraded my Club Car electric golf cart with a Alltrax AXE4865 650 amp Heavy Duty Controller,
Club Car Golf Cart Forward Reverse F&R Switch ‘95 Power Nivel Part # 5720
And the Heavy Duty 48 Volt 400 amp Contactor / Solenoid for Golf Cart Alltrax PN
SOL-48V-400A. I also have 2 gauge wire set and a new 14 hp D&D motor.

I am not great at wiring and do not understand the wiring diagrams Alltrax and evdrives have available. The Alltrax one does not show the OBC in the diagram and wire colors don’t appear to match. Should I follow the original wiring diagram for a 95 club car? I have one. Also on the new F/R switch the 3 wire micro switch colors don’t match original wires. What color matches what? Also on the solenoid I am not sure on the direction of the cathode end of the diode. I have a yellow wire on one post and a red wire and white/black on the opposite post. Also does the solenoid have a positive and negative side? What side do the yellow Red and white/black wires go? :dazed:


I do not see any markings as to positive and negative side. I have done a 4 wheel drive conversion with a kit from Imaginative Manufacturing Inc. but his instructions do not show any wiring. If I follow the original wiring diagram I think I can do it as I either recorded where the wires go or left the wiring all in tact, or have the wiring diagram. I don’t want to fry anything as this stuff is not cheap. My biggest problem on figuring out the wiring is the solenoid. Any help would be appreciated!
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Basic wiring is the 2 big terminals don't care what way you hook them up.
Now the 2 smaller terminal don't care either except for when you have the diode in place.
Whichever terminal has the white band on the diode toward it is the positive side and the same wires connect to it. You can turn the diode around if you want to it doesn't care.

The picture you posted the positive side is on the right small terminal.


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Hey Harddrive4x4, your cart sounds like what I am planing with my 95' 48V. Are you done? how is the speed? And the the bottom end should be great. Can I get a copy of your 95' 48V Club car wiring diagram to do mine with? That would help alot. Thanks, take care. RedFred
I completed the install and am very happy! There is more speed than stock and the bottom end is great! Feels like I could climb a wall! I have no way at this time to gauge the speed but I would guess 2-4 mph over stock. I am using an alltrex programmable controller so I need to tweak a few things ie... to fast in reverse and I need to smooth out the acceleration curve but I am very Happy. One thing though if you are not a mechanic I would advise having someone else install it. I have built a few race cars and am a machinist by trade and had some difficult installing it. It is a great design but the instructions need a little more explanation. Good luck on your project and if you have questions email me at [email protected].
Mike K
Hey Redfred Here is a link to some pic's I took during the upgrade. There is also a schematic that I used. I also have 2 others in pdf format. I eliminated the OBC.
Mike K


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For carts like yours with 650 amp controller, skip the 400 amp heavy duty solenoid and get the 600 amp one. There is a hard to find 600 amp continuous / 1200 amp peak solenoid that you should explore. It has hughe 1/2" terminal lugs. You will need your battery cables on the solenoid end to be fitted with 1/2" terminal lugs. The solenoid is absolutely humongous. I have it in my series cart on a 700 amp controller and have no issues at all. If you aren't going over 500 amps, I would say you probably don't need the 600 amp solenoid, but that's one component you won't have to worry about burning up.