Club Car Electric Golf Cart Stopped Working Completely


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I was trying to tow my 4 wheel drive Off Road Vehicle using my Club Car Electric Golf Cart and when I turned the cart on and pressed on the pedal the golf cart shut off and stopped working completely. It will not turn on and I don't see any power getting to it. What could it be?


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Start by checking all battery cables pull tug, twist them make sure one didn't break. Check your fuse on charge receptical make sure you didn't blow it. How heavy was this thing you were towing? How much of a load do you think you put the golf cart under? If your not geting a solenoid click jack the rear up and jump the large post on solenoid turn key on hit pedal if cart runs replace solenoid. Post any findings we can go from there. :thumbsup:


What year Club Car? My neighbor burns a v-glide out every winter trying to tow heavy stuff. :twocents: