Club Car Electric Golf Cart Just Stopped Running


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While traveling around the RV Park the golf cart just stopped running out of no where. The golf cart is a 2004 Electric Club Car. Batteries test good under load. What is the sequence of testing for this failure? ie: the starting solenoid, the connecting cables seem clean, Brushes on the motor? Help!


does the solenoid click when you press the pedal? a good place to start is check the battery cable connections.
the cables are the best way to start. Tighten until very tight. You may have also melted a post as well. Be sure you have water in the batteries and that the charger is actually charging (see it register on the meter).


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I had the same problem and it turned out to be the mico switch in the go fast pedel broke. "No clicking" at the solnoid, replaced it and zoom zoom again!