Club Car DS Steering Wheel Play

I have a 2001 Club Car DS, mine is a TYPE "G" Transaxle (Bolts facing passenger side) MCOR system and AA0144-087977 under dash serial numbers

Yesterday my steering wheel went sloppy. The steering wheel (shaft) has about 3/4" to 1" of play to it now, when I pull up and down on the steering wheel, it makes a clanking or thumping sound. It started making a clunking sound when I turn right or left, but not while going straight, on a flat and smooth surface. Any Ideas (I tried searching the forum, couldn't find anything).
Thank You in advance.
One more question...I am looking in my service says remove steering wheel, front body, dash panel, cup holder, drill rivets etc there a shortcut? (Holy Crap !) again Thank You


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
You can just look at it from underneath, have someone move the steering wheel from left to right and see if there is any play in steering joint. If so thats when you will need to do some disassembly.


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
Honestly, if crawling up under it, which as Nubs indicates, isn't that hard, but if you have trouble working from those positions, pulling the cowl isn't that big of a chore - then it is right handy.
Well said.. and my back-up horn only works intermittently so I will probably pull the front end off and install new steering box, steering shaft (U-joint gig), and all the other spacers and bearings...(ball joints also), it has given me over 16 years of service (astounding) with very little maintenance. I did purchase a new Delta charger five years ago. Probably due for a new motor and goodies but that will be another post. Thank You !!