Club Car DS revamp.


Plenty good enough. And only 28. But that's my buddies ol lady and them and their thing, I got a Don't Think So once won't ask again.

Him acting stupid, like yup Jorge he went that way, and point the wrong direction cross eyed.
He's my gun and shooting buddy. We do 100 plus yard shots with .22lr
200 with .223 and 600-800 with his 6.5 Creedmore. 20150406_192604.jpg


Had tore out all of the old wiring, just put in the L.E.D. light set and it came with a new complete plug and play wiring loom.
Now I just added an 8ga power wire to a 5 fused block, ground on the frame. Alot better than the old glass fuses and tiny wires. I'll show how I'm doing switches and stuff on my dash later.20190718_203757.jpg


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Wonder what's up with this dude, he was bumpin on the forum pretty much everyday and poof he's gone.


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Weird. Just dropped off the grid. He hasn't replied to text either. Hope he's alright. Wonder if that opossum got aholt of him? :eek::rotflmao:

All seriousness, hope you're okay Michael.


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Southern, very, nice. That looks about like the color scheme I am planning to go back with on my DS that I am working on. Currently I am stalled out; need to find me someone who can work with some damaged aluminum. I have a guy I know but he is pretty busy. I may resort to a friends friend who is about 2-hrs away. I need a good excuse to run up and visit him anyway....