Club Car DS Quit Running After Hauling On a Trailer


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Hi all, new here and to carting.
Just bought this 96 Club Car DS golf cart and it did run when we put it on the trailer, but quit running after hauling on the trailer and had to push it off and dead since. I know the batteries are on there last leg but I though I could at least make the wheels go round a little. What I know/did so far

cleaned all (most) connections
50.4 v across pack
F-N-R micro test OK
solenoid does not click when in F and GO pressed
I do hear a click for the pedal (pot)
50v on motor in F

not sure how to jumper or test any further. I saw somethign about bypassing the OBC but I think I have a differant set up.

Any ideas cause the wiffy is not happy!


You should be able to run a jumper wire from the yellow wire on the solenoid to negative of the battery pack to jump/bypass the OBC.


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Thanks, did the jumper and no help.

What I did find was a bad connection on the potentiometer for the go pedal. Cleaned & were good to go!

Get this, I have two Trojan 8 volt batteries that are the original 13 years old and the other 4 are 10 years old it still goes......well sort of, as long as the grade is flat, up any incline and I can crawl faster. Time for new Trojans.


Glad you found the problem and thanks for the follow up.

The most I've gotten out of a set of batteries was 11 years. Your doing good. :cool: