Club Car DS Lift Kit Recommendation


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Hi guys! I have a 2004 Club Car DS that I am looking to lift. I see several posts recommending the All Sports lift kit. Can someone explain why this brand over others?
I also see SGC and Jakes have lift kits. Also looks like All Sports has a 4in "Sport" and "A-arm" kits. Whats the difference between all these options?




The All Sports lift kits are the best in my opinion and made in the USA. Jake's would be my second choice and a lot of people use them also. If you call All Sports they can tell you more about the differences in the Super Sport Lift and the A-Arm lift. I've always used the All Sports Super Sport lift kit on Club Car DS's and Precedent's and have never had any problems with them. All Sports also has replacement parts for their lift kits if you ever need them.