Club Car DS Head Gasket


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I have a approx 1981 Club Car DS that has run perfectly until yesterday.
Serial # first two numebers is 79, but the DS actually came out the following year, so I'm not 100% certain on model year.
Yesterday when cranking i noticed the Spark plug wire at the plug had failing rubber (got a nice shock!).
Could this condition alone prevent it from starting?
After a lot of cranks and almost starts i noticed an oil/gas mixture leaking from the top of the engine.
Any guidance would be sincerely appreciated, as well as recommendations on parts sources & how to's.
With Spring arriving, my kids are dying to get bombing around the property!


A bad spark plug wire can cause the golf not to start. As far as the oil leak goes you'll need to find exactly where it's coming from. The gas may be leaking from the carburetor or fuel line. Check and make sure the crankcase doesn't have gas in it.
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So just a quick update. I pulled the spark plug and cranked the engine. This is now officially known as a "gasoline shower". Replaced split spark plug boot. Replaced spark plug. Tightened starter/generator belt. Drained oil pan (also full of gas...lots of it ). Removed air filter housing (also full of gas) and air filter (soaked with gas).
Letting it all air out overnight.
Will fill with new synthetic oil tomorrow (any idea what oil I'm supposed to use??!!)
Then we'll try and fire the beast up again.
Turns out I have the FZ340 engine .... who knew!?


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You need to find out why/how the gas got into the block, I would gravity feed the fuel from another tank and get it to run. sounds like a bad fuel pump may be the problem:twocents: