Club Car DS Gas Starting Problem


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I could use some help. I have a 1996 gas Club Car DS with a starting problem. For a month now my golf cart has seemed to have a hard time starting here and there. Occasionally, I would turn the key, put it in forward and would push the gas pedal and the golf cart would not was like I was pushing the pedal and the golf cart was off, nothing would happen, no sounds or anything. On Saturday, I was driving the golf cart and seemed like it wanted to stall out. I finished the ride and parked it for an hour or two, and when I went to drive it, it would not start. After like 15 minutes of turning the key on and off and trying to prime the golf cart and switching between forward and reverse, it eventually ran and I was able to drive back to my camper. A few hours later I went to drive it and again it would not start up. I finally decided to park it. I ordered a new ignition switch online and will try to replace that, but I am not so sure that is the issue. Does anyone have any ideas?


I would check you connections at the battery, solenoid, starter generator and ground. It could be the key switch but I'd check those other connections also.
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