Club Car DS FE290 High Rev Slow Speed


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So I just got this 2002 Club Car DS with the FE290 motor. Motor runs great, hardly need the choke. Trouble is, when you try to go for a ride, the motor revs high to the point where it sounds like it will explode, and I get slow speed 6 or 7 mph out of it. Then it will jerk and cut out. And sometimes it will backfire. It feels like it’s in low range, like in your 4WD truck, high rpms, super low speed.
Both clutches have been rebuilt, it has a new belt and the rev limiter is connected. (Although I don’t know how to tell that it’s working)
Any help would be appreciated.


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Sounds like the drive clutch is not engaging all the way, i would jack the rear wheels off the ground and run it to make sure the clutches are shifting completely.


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I had one doing this and it turned out where I put the heavy duty springs on it, they were not letting the brakes dis engage. the spring holder was hitting the brake lever by the wheels. Just FYI if all else fails.


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Also make sure the belt is lined up, it could be binding where the engine got out of line during the clutch rebuild.