Club Car DS Electric Golf Cart Won't Go

Tall Paul

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Hello Cartaholics!

I have a Club Car DS electric golf cart that won't go. Worked fine before.

I turn key on...

Turn F/R to forward. I can hear the Micro Switch click, but when I press go

Turn F/R to reverse. The back up buzzer engages. I can hear the Micro Switch click, but when I press go

I tried to follow all battery connections and noticed previous owner by passed fuse with a bolt.

Went to talk to mechanic at Dallas Golf Cart....stated it sounded like potential F/R switch. Purchased for $98 and replaced.

I also bought a fuse and replaced.

I filled battery cells with distilled water.

So now I charge overnight and go to test. Still No Go...same sounds.

Super bummed right now...any suggestions?

Tall Paul

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Im visiting my mother-in-law at the hospital now. I should be home by 2. Where do I find the serial number? I appreciate the help.


The serial number should be on a tag just under the glove box on the passengers side of the golf cart or inside the passenger glove box depending on the year and model.
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Tall Paul

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Serial # AA0115-007523

October 2017 was the last time I drove it.

The serial # was under the ignition panel.


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That is a series cart with which I have very little experience but I would check the OBC lock out Schematics and manuals are on my website

Tall Paul

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Electric Motor: 5BC59JBS6194D Part No. 101785701
The Speed Sensor is not visible at the end of the Motor????
What should I do?


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Let me know what you find mine does the same thing. I think obc grounds the solenoid. Mine will start working after it sits a couple days may work a few weeks then do same thing usually when I need it bad. 96 Club Car DS 48 volt.