Club Car DS Electric cart - Knock noise when sharp turn

Roy Rowlett

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I have a 2009 Club Car DS Electric Golf Cart. All of a sudden, when I make a sharp turn in either direction, I get a loud knock from the steering mechanism. Mostly notice it when I am turning the wheel all the way one direction or the other to park or turn when starting to move the cart. I looked under the front and cannot see anything loose or appearing to be abnormal when the steering wheel is turned. It feels like something slipping. It drives OK and doesn't make the noise as long as I don't make a sharp turn. It only happens when I turn the wheel all the way left or right.
I would appreciate any suggestions.


Jack the front of the golf cart up and grab the tire and rock it left to tight and see if you can tell where the play is. If none of the bushings or tie rods are bad it's probably a problem with the steering rack.
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