Club Car DS Carburetor Adjustment Problem


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I'm having a problem with the carburetor adjustment on a Club Car DS. It appears that I have no adjustment for the fuel flow. I have the needle turned all the way in and the engine still screams with the pedal to the floor.
I think I might have fuel in the crank case oil now too.
What do I need to do? Can anyone help?


Have you adjusted the throttle cable? Is the carb closing all the way? How far do you have to press the pedal to get the carb opened all the way? If your getting gas in the oil you either have dirt in the carburetor, bad carb, or a bad fuel pump...


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Just put on a brand new carburetor.
I did not change any of the linkage adjustments.
With gas pedal compressed about an inch it will start to accelerate, seems OK to me.

I am now suspicious of a faulty fuel pump since it is old. fuel in crankcase.
Will the cart still run some-what normal if it is overflowing fuel through a bad pump?


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make sure the carb is completely closed when stopped, the starter needs to engage before the throttle starts to open. yes it could still run with a leaking fuel pump. pull the line that goes from the fuel pump to the engine block and see if theres gas in the line or smells like gas.