Club Car Driven Clutch Assembly Diagram

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To put the new spring in, take the drive belt off (start on the driven clutch and roll the belt off the edge). Then, remove the bolt holding the driven clutch onto the halfshaft, and slide the clutch off. It may take some lubricant and tapping with a mallet to free the clutch from the shaft, especially if it's rusted.

Next, use 2 compression bands or a couple of large C vises and pinch down on the spring cap to free the snap ring. Use snap ring pliers to remove the snap ring. CAREFULLY release the tension on the cap- if you goof, the cap will become a heavy projectile. Once off, pull the green spring off the clutch and drop the new black spring in. You'll notice the new spring may not have a mounting tooth on it like the old- it's not needed.

Reverse the diassembly steps...but be EXTRA CAREFUL with the cap as it now has about double the tension on it.

Here's a diagram that will help out:


Club Car Power Spring Install Diagram
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