Club Car Charger Won't Stay On


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Just acquired a 2004 48v Carryall Truf 2 Regen (S0437-432868). Charger starts for approximately 30-40 seconds and then shuts off. It will sometimes engage a second time for maybe 10 seconds and then shuts off. Charger works properly on another cart. This symptom is the same in both Run and Tow mode (seems to me the charger should not start at all in Tow mode).

Batteries are all January 2004. Battery voltage across all six is 47.6v. Individual battery voltage is 7.8v to 8.0v. Cart runs, but clearly batteries are very low. Reverse buzzer sounds but is very weak. Amber charge light is on most of the time.

Approximatley 1,240 hours, dump bed works properly and headlights shine brightly.

Just replaced all battery cables and terminals for both main + and -. Do not appear to be any other bad cables. However, wiring appears different than the Club Car Wiring Diagram - 48v Regen listed in the Club Car resources section.

Batteries are old but voltages seem OK for such a state of discharge. Bad wiring (new cart to me), batteries or OBC? Any thoughts?


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Let's see if someone has experienced the same symptoms before making any assumptions. I have a Villager-4 IQ cart and assumed it was wired the same as a standard IQ cart and after many, many hours trying to figure out the wiring, found-out that the Villager wiring was different. Turned-out it was the same as the IQ version of the Carry-all and one of the Transporters (which is different than the standard Carry-all/Transporters). Who would think it would be different? Not me! There was not a correct diagram here or other forums I checked. After looking at the correct diagram at the CC dealer, I was able to figure out what was different. Apparently you need to find a diagram that covers your serial # range? Someone on forum may have one....???


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I would start with a hydro on the batteries.
from my past experience I would say it's time for
batteries. the numbers you posted are low & the
batteries are 5 1/2 yrs old. you should also do a
load test on the batteries. sounds to me like you
may have 1 or more batteries with bad cells