Club Car Carryall Has Weak Spark


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Hello, I've just aquired a 1993 Club Car Carryall with the original Kawasaki Engine. There is almost no spark and it's very weak. The previous owner has attempted to change some of the electrical componants. I have just replaced the Coil and still nothing. I no that not all of the electrical componants are not needed (IE rpm limiter) as far as the elecrial box under the seat, is there anything I can bypass and resume spark? Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this unit? I should also tell you that it does have some spark coming thru thru the plug, just very weak, not even enough to give more than a small jolt to the hand. Any help would be appreciated


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You have to think of these engines like a push mower. The magneto creates its own spark. You said you replaced the coil. There is only one other thing it can be then since you removed the limiter from service. The ignitor. It is a little square box on the back side of the bracket the limiter mounts on. The electrical part in the black box is the starter and charger part only. Nothing to do with the coil getting spark. Only safty grounds.. To eliminate any grounds kills to the coil, disconnect the black/white wire coming from starter area around clutch side of engine down by the bottom of the dip stick. It plugs together there. Unplug the connector and it will take care of any grounding possibilities.

Oh, when you replaced the coil, did you put the factory gap back in? It should be 11-12 thousandths gap.