Club Car Carryall Build


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
Pretty sure i'll be sorry i did this 2005 Club Car Carryall build. It got pushed under some lime/cement hopper after it would not start. Paid $275 sight unseen and drove 2 hrs for it so i was hung with it, sold the un running drivetrain for $300 so i feel a little better about it:rotflmao:
All the hardware is rusted from the lime i'm guessin' and gonna take a week to strip it down.




Cartaholic - V.I.P.
Its a carryall 2 XRT and was 100% stock so i'm not sure why the Z plates are on there, the lift is gonna get bolted on the way it is.
I know some models had a lift block from the factory so maybe this was a update:dazed:

DS will know, I'm a ezgo guy and Club Car gasser's seem a bit backwards anyways:rotflmao::usa:


I didn't notice the Z-lift in the original pics with all the lime dust on the frame. :D I know a lot of people have used the Z-lift and another lift at the same time. I do believe the older Club Car Carryall cane from the factory with the Z-lift.


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Club Car used the z lift all the way up til the end of the DS. Lift will work fine with it, might have to raise rear a little to level it. Works out to about 7" lift