Club Car Caroche Restoration Project and Help Needed


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Club Car Caroche Restoration Project and Help Needed
hey guys, i need some help on finding info on this golf cart, it was given to us for free, when we got it it was barely safe, after useing it to bring trailers uom the hill beside our house its been going through some rough times, lol just to give you an idea, when you press to gas all the way down it gets stuck and you have to stick your foot under it to push it back up lol. not to mention the brake cyliniod (that has to be spelled wrong lol) needs to be replaced so theres no brakes so you have to use the parking brake, but when you use the parking the gas pedal goes down too lol

and anyway, heres a few questions
1. where would i be likely to find the serial number?
2. is it really a yamaha?
3. does anyone reconize the make model? maybe year?

anyways heres the pics, we plan on polishing the metal, painting it dark metalic blue, and making it safe, maybe even more powerful for that hill beside our house

here she is












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This is a Club Car. Will need to check my books for the age but most parts are not available.
I have removed the mastercylinder and disassembled. I took the soft parts to the auto store and was able to match up the parts. Then just used a brake cylinder hone and got it to work.
Sounds like the bushings in your pedal are worn out


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thanks man, if you dont mond me asking, what type of mastercylinder did use? can i get the make/model/year of the car?

and is there anyway to replace the bushing since the parts were discontenued?

and quick update, i got the gas pedel working safely (lol lots of wd40) and i found out that 4 of the 6 relays are working


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thanks man, from that website i learned that its a 75-80, but i still cant find the serial number on it


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already looked there, nothing, i also looked on both of the I beams in the battery bank


Someone may have taken it off? The newer Club Cars have a serial number behind the panel where the key switch is mounted. If there's not one there I don't know what to tell you.


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lol well thanks for the help, i'll go look there now, lol were going to take the entire thing apart so were bound to find it sometime


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alright man, lol me and my dad are working on it now, we rebuilt the brake cylinder and found out why ore brakes wernt working when all the brake fluid we put in came out the right rear hub luckily we had the parts to fix them in the box my uncle gave us with the cart,

i'll download the pics when we finish!


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not too sure how strict the mods here are about double posting but oh well lol

heres the story for today

i drifted the golf cart!!!!! lol its true, it had been raining and we were working on it in the garage, when i went to stuck it back in the barn i was sliding all over the place, after i got down the steep hill beside our house i made the turn to get around the barn and the rear end started to slide out, lol i reversed the steering and went ken block for like 8 or 9 feet, lol my first ever non pointless drift in a vehicle ever!

anyways, here's the update for today

well, we rebuild the master cylinder for the brakes, and just my luck thats not where we were loosening brake fluid. what was really happening was the bushings in the right rear brake solenoid were gone, that's why the ground is wet in the pic bellow lol. but lucky enough we had the parts to fix it from the box my uncle gave us with it so i have working brakes


lol i finally got the supports for the back of the roof off, that took awhile and some hard work lol

and this is the piece that adjusts how far the brake shoes can come in, it was far too long (thats why that wheel kept locking up) so we had to custom cut it


well the lug nuts have been loose for awhile, and it took out the threads on 2 of the posts (pic bellow) is there any possible way to replace just the messed up stubs? can to please tell me how or where i can get it done??


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Spray them with some P-B Blaster and hammer them out, you can get new ones at the autoparts place, tap the new ones in then put a thick washer on the stud and put the lug nut on backwards( taper away from the hub) and pull it up snug.


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thanks man, but what do you guys think about sawing off the back side of the stud, then drilling it out and cutting it till we can get it out? thats what my dad wants to do but it sounds like alot of work for something that can be done in 10-15mins


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well today was very painful, sice it was too muddy to get it into the garage i decided to check the water levels in the batteries, and i got a little battery acid on my hands...

lesson learned.... after working with battery acid, wash you hands before you pee.... ouch!

im off to post on fml.. later!


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well its been awhile but not much new

i was going to post this a few days ago but could'nt get my lazy self down stairs to get the camera wire lol

well we had about 5 inches of snow, i tried to take the xtruck out but it just dug it self a hole with it torqe. so what next? golfcart snow drifting! yep lol took me about 3 hours to get it up the ultra steep hill beside our house alone (had to ring up a 5:1 pulley system, and had to move it from tree to because of shortage of long ropes. but it was well worth the work, icey roads + golfcart= ftw!

well anyway heres the pics




^lol it way pretty cool, when my neighbors saw a 15 year old kid driving a golfcart with no front end driving like a idiot they got out of my way...... lol really fast


icey roads :bigwink: fun for going down a steep hill then slaming on the brakes and turning the wheel, lol almost threw my friend out if it lol, it would do about 2-3 spins then slow down enough that you could turn it in to a controlled drift


right before the scary as hell trip back to the barn, hill was slick and at the bottom it gets narrow, and theres like a 5ft ditch on each side :uhoh: lol didnt wreck though



The Club Car Caroche is coming along nicely. Glad to hear your having fun with it. Nice pictures, thanks for posting them. :thumbsup:


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thanks man! still got along way to go, still trying to find a differential box (mine is cracked) its kind of scary going with the one i have now but there's no performance difference, were going tomorrow or Monday to get new wheel stubs, that'll keep the rear end from bouncing up and down at higher speeds lol

I'm really trying to keep the body stock, it was made somewhere in the early 1970's and is very rare, not to many are around anymore and since we have almost all the factory parts i think its going to be worth a pretty penny when were done

small update!
got the front end sanded down and getting it ready for paint

I'm also grinding at some of the major cracks and getting them set for some bondo

one of the more major ones

I'll try and have some more work done tomorrow, but depends how tired i am after sailing tomorrow, suppose to blow really hard and be really cold
anyone know how to polish aluminum? any really good technics?


Emery cloth and Never-Dull works well for polishing aluminum. If you spend enough time and elbow grease it will look like chrome.


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thanks man! i'll see if i can pick some up soon,

lol where'd my edit button go? lol it was there a sec ago