Club Car Caroche - Mod Build


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I recently bought a Club Car Caroche cart. I’m going to gut it and redo the entire cart top to bottom.
I have not picked it up yet, but wondering is the entire frame aluminum? I was too also put an AC motor set up in it. How much is interchangeable on Club Car stuff with this cart? More so the rear end/drivetrain. Plans are to convert it to AC w/Lithium batteries.
Thanks in advance


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Mine is 1980, and yes, aluminum. You will find there are a ton of parts that use the same part number as today's carts. The only issue you will probably have is a brake master cylinder or wheel cylinder issue because these are hydraulic brakes that are no longer used. I have a parts catalog, I would be glad to email you. Just shoot me a line [email protected]


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The rear end may be different and the AC won't bolt up to it because the motor has the splinded shaft rather than the axle